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UTR Spotlight: Erin Becker

Erin Becker is the Manager of Tissue Distribution at United Tissue Resources. She was born in George West, a small town an hour south of San Antonio. Her family later moved to Round Rock where she graduated from high school. In Fall of 2001, she started working at The Blood Center of Central Texas and has stayed with the tissue banking industry ever since. Erin gave birth to her son Trey in 2003, received her Bachelor’s Degree from Kaplan University in 2010, and married her husband Michael in 2012. Erin also happens to be a tendon recipient! She tore her ACL and began suffering from osteoarthritis as a result. Since becoming a tendon recipient, Erin no longer suffers from debilitating chronic pain and can live a more active lifestyle.

On top of her very busy life, she manages to be an outstanding team member at United Tissue Resources. She manages Tissue Distribution, the department responsible for ensuring that finished allograft tissue is available at hospitals and surgery centers for patients who are scheduled for surgery. Erin is passionate about helping to ensure positive outcomes for her patients’ surgeries. What keeps her motivated on a daily basis is the fact that tissue, organ, and corneal donations often result from tragic circumstances, but those circumstances can turn into positive outcomes for recipients and leave a lasting legacy.

In addition to being passionate about her work, she is amazed each and every day by the service her coworkers do for the community, something that makes her job even more fulfilling. The work she and her coworkers do leads to life-enhancing and often life-saving transplants, that’s why she believes that becoming a tissue, organ, or corneal donor is a heroic way to give back to your community.

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