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    Being a Tissue Donor is a noble decision.



Our Team

United Tissue Resources staff is dedicated to meeting the needs for allograft tissue for patients in need. Through this dedication, staff is committed to compliance and keeping updated on industry current guidelines and innovations. Many staff members are Certified Tissue Bank Specialists. CTBS certification requires experience in tissue banking and successful examination in all areas of tissue banking including donor and tissue suitability determination, tissue processing, decontamination techniques, quality practices and clinical application

of allograft tissue.

  • Donor Family Service Coordinators receive specialized training and are available around-the-clock to offer families the option of donation and answer their questions about the donation process. Our coordinators are experienced in end-of-life decisions and bereavement support.

    Our Donor Family Advocate is committed to providing resources including bereavement support and guidance to donor families following the death of their loved one.

    Surgical Recovery Teams recover tissue following good surgical conscience and the application of aseptic techniques.


  • Account and Client Management Coordinators develop and maintain relationships with all organizations that play a key role in the tissue donation and implant processes.

    Tissue Distribution Coordinators maintain a tissue graft inventory and provide support services for local hospitals and surgery centers.

    Quality Control and Quality Assurance departments monitor all processes to ensure the highest tissue quality and safety.

  • Donor Family Services

    United Tissue Resources is dedicated to serving donor families by providing bereavement resources and guidance through the donation process and beyond.


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