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Quality Control is Fun!

When it comes to the donation process there are steps taken behind the scenes that are just as essential and precious as the final result.

United Tissue Resources prides itself on its unsung heroes- the Quality Control department. The QC staff is in the background throughout the entire donation process, from donation to transplantation, to ensure that quality tissue grafts are available for implant recipients.

The QC department reviews all documentation to ensure accuracy and completion according to Standard Operating Procedures. It also confirms preventive maintenance is performed regularly on all equipment to ensure proper functionality and monitors equipment to safeguard all tissue implants are maintained at the appropriate temperatures.

Among other duties, QC is multi-faceted and directly involved in the operational departments that drive the donation process. It is the core component that helps monitor the daily operational process for compliance with internal and external regulations. These regulations are in place to protect the safety of transplant recipients. Our staff is on top of it every step of the way to make sure that everything runs its course smoothly and properly in order to produce quality results.

The whole donation process is a team effort, and the QC staff members work together with operational staff to help make sure the gift of donation is honored and quality tissue allografts are available to the community.

Being part of the process from beginning to end is very fulfilling and makes Quality Control exciting, meaningful, and fun!


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