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National Donor Sabbath

During the weekend of November 12th, United Tissue Resources and its partners celebrated the 2016 National Donor Sabbath. The National Donor Sabbath is an annual observance that provides the opportunity to educate communities of faith about the impact of organ, tissue, and eye donation.

Organ, tissue, and eye donation is widely endorsed by most religions in the United States as a charitable act. Whether you are a faith leader or just a member of a congregation, we encourage you to learn your faith’s official position on donation in order for you to be able to provide guidance and support for donor families. Summary statements for many religious groups can be found on the UNOS website.

In the past year, United Tissue Resources has connected with several faith leaders in the Austin-area to help educate them on how to best reach out to their own congregation or community. For example, the Roman Catholic Diocese runs annual messages about the charity of donation in their congregation newsletters. Others, such as local physician and Minister Dr. Carol Tanksley, post personal statements showing their commitment to donation on their social media.

“As both a physician and a Christian minister, I see National Donor Sabbath as an awesome opportunity for people of faith to make and register their decision to be a donor. I’m a registered organ donor, and I encourage others to also make this decision to give such an important gift that can go on giving after our life on this earth is done.” Carol Peters-Tanksley, M.D., D.Min.

Through the National Donor Sabbath seminar, we hope to help members of faith communities feel relief in knowing their faith’s support of donation and be inspired to help those in need of organ, tissue, and eye transplants.


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