In contrast to organ donation, tissue grafts do not have to be matched to recipients’ blood type. Rejection of tissue grafts is uncommon.

United Tissue Resources employs many different screening and evaluation tests to identify medically eligible donors. We will not recover tissues from individuals who have any health-related risk factors that would make donated tissue unsuitable for transplantation.

Before donation, a detailed medical and social history is obtained from the potential donor’s next-of-kin or close family member or friend to identify any such risk factors. Other testing procedures include blood testing, culturing, and detailed reviews of health information. Through this process many potential donors are disqualified for malignant cancer, infections, autoimmune disease, IV drug abuse, and many other exposures or behaviors that might result in a risk to the potential recipient of the donated tissue.

Tissue recovery takes place in an aseptic surgical environment. Tissues are surgically recovered and sent to a processor where they are further evaluated for surgical implantation. The tissues are processed using a variety of procedures that eliminate the possibility of disease transmission.

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