Tissue may be recovered either before or after an autopsy, depending on which tissues are to be recovered, the nature of the autopsy, and the policies and procedures of the medical examiner.

United Tissue Resources does not want to cause any additional stress for the family. We will work with the family to resolve conflict whenever possible but will respect a family’s final decision.

In the state of Texas, the law does authorize organ and tissue donation if a person has registered with Donate Life Texas. However, family member cooperation can be required in order to obtain information regarding the donor’s history and medical condition. This is why it is vitally important that you make your wishes known to your family.

Federal law requires that all hospital deaths be reported to organ, tissue, and eye donation organizations. United Tissue Resources has also built relationships with funeral directors, hospice workers, and justices of the peace in order to be of service to families when loved ones die outside of the hospital.

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